Wachspastell auf Fotopapier

AirWave Bern 1990

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This is the first in a trilogy of Bridge projects, the second being the Blaues Wunder in Dresden, culminating with the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. The movement of waves is a central motif in Philipp’s life.

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The twin arches of the Kirchenfeld Bridge were an inspiration for the undulating shape of the banners, which were hung from the road above. The banners imitate the gracefully curving construction of the existing bridge: the banners appear to flow in the opposite direction to the constructed arches and indeed, to the rolling water below. The banners lie slightly off-centre: this asymmetry creates added interest for the eye, as it wanders over the new element surprisingly introduced into a familiar landscape. Just as the process of one’s life is rarely exactly orchestrated, so the bridge installation is slightly eclectic, yet still perfectly reflective of its environment. This installation is in constant motion, the banners sometimes being lifted by the wind as if they were huge, crashing waves, at other times simply fluttering gently in place, maintaining their arch-like formation. The purpose of this installation is fulfilled every time the viewer is distracted from his or her everyday routine by the brightly coloured object within the regular landscape, an artwork, which draws attention to a previously ignored environment in a non-confrontational and positive way.

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56 x 36 cm


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Wachspastell auf Fotopapier in Plexi-Rahmen

AirWave Bern 1990