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FlyingTunnel Amsterdam 2003

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The aim of this project was to introduce the people of The Netherlands and Switzerland to each other, by illustrating the similarities and contrasts between the two nations.

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Set up on Amsterdam’s historical Beursplain, 101 helium-filled balloons created a walk-through tunnel, 19 metres tall and 48 metres long, in an inverted Y-shape. The red and white balloons (for Switzerland) on the one side, and the red, white and blue balloons (for Holland) on the other filtered the sunlight and allowed enchanting glimpses of busy Damrak Street through the gaps, while images of these two countries were projected onto selected balloons.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 71 × 51 × 0.03 cm

71 x 51 cm


0.1 kg



FlyingTunnel Amsterdam 2003